The Man Island project is an Australian first; a team of mental health researchers working together to find out what men like, dislike and think really needs changing in counselling for depression.

Drawing on the experiences of guys like you, we hope to learn from your stories and feed them back to health care practitioners across the country to ensure that the service you are accessing is truly 'man made.'

It's important to know that this isn't a quick study that will churn out results overnight. We are in this for the long haul. We are dedicated to building Man Island from scratch, in order to reduce the overwhelming suicide rate among men in this country, and to ensure that no man feels like they are lost, alone, on an island. 

Everything we discover, we'll give right back to you as quickly as we can. This page will be where you can see our results, show them to your mate, your partner or your counsellor and help get the message out.

Therapy is changing, for the better.

What we're currently up to: 

  • Our systematic review, the groundwork for our study, was just published in Clinical Psychology Review. Take a read to understand why this research is needed:
  • We have just written an opinion piece commenting on the state of male-oriented therapy which will be submitted for publication in the next few weeks.
  • We have reached 16 interviews in our first study and are looking for a few more stories to fill out the important narrative that is coming out of your shared experiences.  

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Study #1                                                                     Understanding Men's Engagement in Counselling   

Our first study is underway. We are interviewing men who have sought help for depression to understand their experience, from finding their counsellor, to getting through the door and everything after that. It's a chance for men to start to change counselling.  

We want to hear from guys still in counselling, those who have finished up and those that stopped going because it just wasn't for them. 

We can interview you over the phone or in-person. All of your information and what you tell us will be confidential and no one else will know you were involved.