We’ve discovered men's mental health treatment needs a revamp, it needs to be ‘man made,’ and we need your help to do that.

The Man Island program aims to train clinicians to effectively engage these men who've already taken the first brave step into treatment. These guys deserve the best. It's time treatment embraced the depth and diversity of masculinity and started to meet the man where he's at.

What your funding will do?

  • Aid recruitment of both men and clinicians for co-development and evaluation.
  • Ensure top quality manual design and printing for widespread dissemination.
  • Support assistance across the project from an expert statistician and research staff.
  • Ensure international attention and dissemination through travel and presentations at appropriate conferences and expert panels.
  • Support the upkeep and improvement of the Man Island website.

All funding for this project will be held by The University of Sydney and provision of funds will be overseen and monitored by the University with reporting provided to all donors if requested. 

Help us throw out a life ring to a man in need





Help us throw out a life ring to a man in need


 - Because no man is an island -