Here at Man Island we know that guys out there are having a tough time, whether it be with their work, their bills, their family or their mates. More and more men are seeking help for mental health concerns, but sadly, this is not translating into better outcomes. In fact, the male suicide rate is only increasing as time goes on. Something needs to change.

Our aim in creating Man Island is to provide world leading research into men's mental health treatment, to ensure that no more of those men seeking help, slip through the cracks. Our work has shown us that men want treatment that is tailored to their needs to keep them coming and on the road to recovery. It's about time we give them what they want, to make these guys strong again. That way we can make sure fewer men are set adrift when they need help most.  

That's why we've set up the Man Island Project Fund - to raise money to finally take on male suicide. Please donate and share today and help be part of the recovery mission. 

To hear an update on our work and our vision listen to recent interview on Radio NZ & ABC Radio here: 

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